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12 June 2014 @ 01:22 am
The Walda Dress pt. 2  

So d'you remember when I listed what still needed to be done on my Walda dress and under "sew bodice and skirt together" wrote "easy-peasey"? I cursed myself. I literally sewed that thing at least a dozen times before I got it to look good, including crooked, inside out, upside down, and a million different versions of just plain fugly, by which time everything was super behind. The sleeves went fairly well, and wouldn't have been that difficult, except for the fact that I was fitting and pinning them on myself without help, literally turning my head as far as I could and sticking pins into myself while I craned my gaze toward a mirror. In the end, by doing nothing in my free time but sewing for three weeks, pulling an almost all-nighter (1 1/2 hours of sleep) two days before con, and the staying up til 3 am the day before the con, I managed to get the dress done in time. And I must say I'm pretty pleased with the results, and proud of  myself for what I accomplished despite all the issues and challenges that came up.


I got a lot of love, too! There's just something about Fat Walda that not even the staunchest Frey-hater can resist. No one had the slightest idea it was my first such project, and I got so many comments about how pleased people were that I was wearing PINK. (As if she'd be seen dead in anything else.) And it was so fun to wear! Super comfy, and so princess-y that I couldn't help twirling in it sometimes. My five-year-old self would be proud. 
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: "Tennis Court" - Lorde